Where Creative Juices Flow

Camp North End’s design choices deliberately encourage a healthy lifestyle and promote the creativity and productivity of the people who work here.  That’s the core idea behind Fitwel™, and you’re standing at a perfect example:

The Gama Goat Building’s raised walkway is an ideal route for a walking meeting. Each time around is a little more than ¼ mile, during which you and a colleague will enjoy the weather, listen to some quiet music, and walk-and-talk your way through the Issue Du Jour.  After two loops, you’ll have covered more than ½ mile, about 1,000 steps on your tracker—and probably a eureka moment or two, as well.  

Or maybe you’ll walk alone, enjoying Amy Bagwell’s Wall Poem installed on panels overhead.  (Make sure your next walk is in the other direction!)

Walking enhances your creativity by 81%.  A 2014 study by Stanford University researchers found that 95% of participants in a walking meeting generated at least one novel high-quality analogy, compared to 50% of those who sat. Want some tips about walking meetings? Check out this guide to walking meetings or these tips for making a walking meeting a success.