Fitwel™ Certification

How are you feeling today? Pretty good, huh? Maybe that’s because you’re at Camp North End. We’re proud to be early adopters of the global Fitwel™ certification program – a mark of our commitment to prioritizing your wellness within the design, development, and operation of these buildings. Everywhere you go here, we’ve been intentional about creating opportunities for walkability, outdoor amenities, healthier lungs, natural light, exercise, nutritious food and beverage options, and more.

So, stroll on over to the outdoor exercise equipment and get your ticker pumping. Spend some time planting-and-picking in our veggie garden. Enjoy some alone time in one of our many thoughtfully-created hideaways. Your body and brain will thank you.

This has always been a place of epic achievements. So we’re taking the lead into the next frontier: your physical and mental health.  Now doesn’t that feel good?