Gama Goat Truck

When the French Army reported that the U.S. Army trucks provided to them in Vietnam were woefully inadequate for the terrain, the namesake of Camp North End’s Gama Goat Building was born. Behold, the M561 – a six-wheel drive, 1¼-ton, semi-amphibious truck known more affectionately as the Gama Goat. Its nickname came from two sources: "Gama" after the inventor of its powered articulated joint, Roger Gamaunt, and "Goat"for its mountain goat-like off-road ability.

More than 15,000 of these beautiful-but-breakdown-prone babies were produced on-site by CONDEC from 1969 to 1973 for use in Vietnam and Korea.

In fall 2017 – 44 years after production was halted – we found this one in Oregon and our friend Kaki took it for a test drive before we brought her home. Here you see “G.G.” handling topography like a boss.