There's just something special about this place

The role these grounds have played in U.S. history are proof-of-concept that innovation lives here, and has done so for more than a century.

Camp North End is where imagination and determination are the powder kegs of world changing events, and where businesses have found success across industries.

Camp North End History


Ford Motor company Assembly Plant

Construction was completed in 1924 and 500 Charlotteans were employed here. This Ford plant manufactured 231,066 cars and trucks from 1924 to 1932.

US Army Quartermaster Depot

Eventually the QMD employed 2,500 civilians and 80 Army officers processing everything from thoothpicks to battle gear. The QMD had an active community documented thorugh the "Tarheel QMD News".



Charlotte army missile Plan [c.A.M.P.]

Hired over 1,500 personnel from Charlotte and built the Nike Hercules Missile, Honest John XM50 Rocket and Nike Ajax missile between 1953 and 1967.


Eckerd/Rite Aid

While being used as an Eckerd/Rite Aid Distribution Center, the North End Charlotte NC Vision Book was created by the City Of Charlotte, Mount Vernon Asset Management, Vision Ventures, Charlotte Housing Authority and LandDesign.


ATCO Development

ATCO purchases the property and begins work on the largest adaptive re-use project in Charlotte.