Windy O'Connor



Windy O’Connor's abstract forms and figurative "Chica" paintings have appeared on traditional canvases, fabrics, pillows, wallpapers, and fashion apparel. But the garage doors of her Camp North End studio offer her first exterior mural. In her artist’s statement describing the “Chica” women included on this mural, her purpose is described as communicating “the beauty she sees in every person around her through color and abstraction.” O’Connor originally hoped to evolve and alter the imagery on the doors over time, but the COVID-19 pandemic got in the way in 2020. As vaccines began rollouts in early 2021, she shared that this plan is still in place, weather-permitting: “I have plans to begin working on one of the doors as soon as we have a gorgeous 70-degree day,” O’Connor says. “There’s nothing better than creating art outside on a gorgeous day. For the next iteration of the mural, I hope to incorporate messages of hope, while still making it fun and interesting for those interested in taking photos and videos in front of the murals. What an awesome way to connect our community while exposing people from every walk of life to art. Art really does feed our souls.”