Elisa Sanchez



Three of the “14 Doors” are occupied by work facilitated by Living Walls, the Atlanta-based nonprofit “focused on bringing representation and celebration to different communities,” said their Peru-born executive director, Monica Campana, at the event. In Charlotte, that meant organizing the project “Ladies to the Front,” celebrating and honoring “the women and those women identifying, the sisters, the mothers and the daughters that help build and sustain our community.” Living Walls paired three, female artists working Charlotte with local youth-based organizations on dreaming up and executing their three murals. In addition, a shipping container mural prominently displays the title of this specific project, with a flower emerging through a female hand. Elisa Sanchez of Goodyear Arts teamed with ourBRIDGE for KIDS for their painting of “the ouroboros, which is used as a symbol of wholeness and cycles of renewal, being interrupted with bursts of colorful flowers and beauty to bridge the gaps,” Sanchez wrote. ourBRIDGE for KIDS is an award-winning nonprofit that children within the refugee and immigrant communities on several levels.