Dr. Dax



Dr. Dax is a trusted name in Atlanta's graffiti and hip-hop scene, with associations with the collective that produced OutKast and Goodie Mob. This is the artist’s first “planned” mural in Charlotte. His past work in the Carolinas hasn’t exactly been sanctioned, as his history as a street artists saw his work adorn freight trains across the Southeast. The recent passing of cultural leaders such as DJ Speakerfoxx back home in Georgia has affected all of the artist’s output, no matter the setting. His Camp North End mural, one of the first finished “14 Doors,” is both flamboyant and contemplative: It calls to passers-by to stop and let his amorphous creation envelop them in jubilance. “Ever since some recent deaths of those significant figures in Atlanta, there’s been a lot of negativity and darkness,” he said, during a break from painting. “One thing I kept coming to, as I had been on a spiritual journey prior to this, is that positivity is our savior. Positivity and lightness. It’s part of the universal message I’m spreading.” Given that charge, he gave his mural here the apt title, “Positivity Is Our Savior.”