Alex Howlett



Alex Howlett takes a look at the history of Camp North End through an unexpected lens. The Fort Mill High School student captures a scene ripped from the Golden Age of animation, which like the site, emerged out of the 1920s. The sweet narrative of a boy and his dog dancing has become a favorite on the site, even if visitors don’t first pick up on Howlett’s clever angle. The artist says this project was new endeavor for her, in both medium and scale. Like fellow high-schooler Emily Issacs, Howlett was able to make the most out of the opportunity. Though it did come with a few challenges: “I learned that painting can be difficult, especially on a very large canvas, like a wall,” she says. “I'm used to really small scale drawings and digital art so it was quite the challenge for me to paint on a scale that big.” For Howlett, the arts run in the family. Her father, Jeff, is a photographer and documentarian. He’s known for his own ability to resurrect the images of the past, implementing a tintype process made popular during the Civil War.