Addison Adams



The most abstract mural in this collection comes from Atlanta artist and musician Addison Adams. Even apart from his music career, the artist's interests are many: drawings, paintings, and sculpture, often intermingling in his installation-based shows. His gallery work moves between extracting objects from the everyday and the amorphous forms that are part of his signature canvas work. But as Swan Gallery has said, even his paintings can also be deceptively representational: “[His] painterly and playful abstractions are oddly figurative,but cleverly smeared beyond recognition. Larger paintings are informed by cartoon-like sketches of bodies and objects. Often, a storyboard element appears at the bottom of his artworks, with fuzzy linear squares denoting a hidden narrative.” This carries over to his along the Ford Factory, a work that only alludes to familiar shapes and forms in his signature muted hues. It adds yet another dimension to the “14 Doors” project, which shows that the form of mural goes far beyond the representational, with which it’s most often associated. Nestled near the work of Dr. Dax and HNin Nie, Adams brings enormous contrast.