Living Walls



Three of the “14 Doors” are occupied by work facilitated by Living Walls, the Atlanta-based nonprofit “focused on bringing representation and celebration to different communities,” said their Peru-born executive director, Monica Campana, at the event. In Charlotte, that meant organizing the project “Ladies to the Front,” celebrating and honoring “the women and those women identifying, the sisters, the mothers and the daughters that help build and sustain our community.” Living Walls paired three, female artists working Charlotte with local youth-based organizations on dreaming up and executing their three murals. In addition, a shipping container mural prominently displays the title of this specific project, with a flower emerging through a female hand. Each of the paintings here highlight elements of the natural world, tethering each scene to the realities children are confronting every day. The varied imagery between the three doors painting by Living Walls participants shows the kind of radical change the group is trying to stir for those who stop to experience them. “In none of this community work are we going to paint kids of different races holding hands with a rainbow in the back. We want to make sure we put thought-provoking, contemporary art on the walls, and that art creates conversation that may go beyond the paint.”