James Moore



Even rendered in black and white, James Moore’s illusionary installations and murals are vivid visions of what could be ahead for humankind and technology. The artist was behind one of the biggest murals created during End-to-End, and that techno-futurist aesthetic underscored the event’s focus on innovation. His work has been described as blending “fine art, brand collaborations, and hyper engagement with underground art culture, all seamlessly informing each other in a feedback loop.” After creating his first Charlotte piece, Moore spoke about why he played with depth and double effects in this piece “It’s a piece that is about creating a vortex space for people to be confronted by the idea of source as not only getting in touch with pure consciousness, but also seeing that they are the source as individuals,” Moore says. “The dimensionality of the background is an attempt to break and distort the limitations of the flatness of the wall, which I feel is symbolic.” The figures in the work were inspired by a friend of the artist, actor Kota Eberhardt. She appears in the 2019 X-Men film Dark Phoenix as the villain Selene, and according to Moore, is “kind of a superhuman” herself