Like the massive works by The London Police, the two murals painted by Barcelona’s KRAM are actually a continuous scene. Though his popular Instagram account carries the tagline, “wasting spray paint since 1997,” KRAM has a reputation for activating and enhancing spaces in different corners of the world. When he came here to Charlotte, he was fresh off projects for Miami Art Week and a major work in Valencia, Spain. Like a few of his contemporaries at END-to-END, KRAM’s expertise with projection mapping shined. He animated the central character of the piece, her eyes blinking and the power she wielded affecting the environment surrounding her. Meanwhile, the cylindrical components on the right panel offered a canon-like blasts of energy to the performance. As usual, KRAM worked with musician-visual artist Groovycosta on the piece, together syncing the musical and video components. Though it’s certainly a spectacle, the duo captured a larger idea than the capability of the technology itself. “It’s more about the power of creation and the energy of this contemporary era, with a female character as the focus,” KRAM said.