Hnin Nie



HNin Nie’s artistic practice is centered on gallery-sized paintings, sculpture, and illustration, so her door adorning the Ford Building was a rare adventure. Using the word “nexus” as her prompt, which embodies the surrounding festival as well, she went to work. “It’s about the center point between two different categories,” she said. “This painting connects two different people. With the floral elements—rain, flowers blooming, and a potted plant—I wanted to show that together, we can grow.” At the beginning of creating her mural, Nie said she first had to “get comfortable with spraypaint again, because it’s my weakness.” It’s that kind of humility that viewers find in Nie’s ongoing “POST FEELS” series, both intimate and humorous explorations via her character, Negative Nancy. Fellow Camp North End muralist Dammit Wesley has helped Nie grow accustomed to the techniques and advantages aerosol-based tools offer over the past couple years. And more and more, she’s begun to enjoy the quicker nature of it. Her mural during END-to-END certainly shows an artist willing to innovate her own practice, and to excel in doing so.