Osiris Rain



Osiris Rain's bold, elegant figures tell of his formal training at Italy's Angel Academy of Art and time assisting famed painter Odd Nerdrum in Norway. Over the past few years, he’s traded oils for spraypaint and took this sensibility to public spaces across Charlotte, his current home. The artist’s practice has flourished with the move, allowing him to “work larger and faster” than he ever has before. With his mural at Camp North End, the artist says he brought his usual aim to the work: "to instill a sense of tranquility in the viewer." Bold hues and elements plucked from the natural world purposefully contrast against the industrial backdrop at the site. Yet, hidden within this mural are metallic flourishes, best seen feet away from the piece. The artist offers this insight into injecting those details into the work: “When I was painting this it was the middle of summer, and in the evenings the last light of sunset would land on those sections of doors,” Rain remembers. “The color of those sunsets was incredible. So I wanted to add a reflective element to the mural that would interact with and pay homage to that light.”