Andy Rocco



Andy Rocco’s door is among the most abstract of the Boileryard murals. Yet, he’s known around the city for his vibrant portraits of pop culture figures, whether it’s Elvis Presley or Lebron James. The emerging artist has been commissioned, most often, to capture the icons of the Queen City, rendering our most famous athletes and leaders in his Pop Art style. Lately, Rocco sees his multi-dimensional, geometric work as avenue to push himself out of that familiar comfort zone. He saw a particular opportunity in his door at Camp North End: to give an unassuming objecting eye-catching depth. This is how this emerging painter operates his practice. As someone who “wants to constantly learn and evolve artistically,” he follows these inclinations wherever they end up leading him. Like any effective piece of abstract work, the vague shapes contained in Rocco’s mural invite individual interpretations from passers-by. The cascading forms have been compared to clouds, liquids—and for the primary blue form, even the Loch Ness Monster. Rocco will leave the truth up to you.