Emily Isaacs



One might guess that seasoned hands crafted the scene of a fireside robot with a celestial backdrop. Yet, Emily Isaacs, a student at Myers Park High School, juggled the piece alongside final exams and school projects. Creating a work of art on a garage door was an unexpected opportunity for the Charlotte teen, whose only previous mural experience was "painting a couple trees for the backdrop of my middle schools play." But as a first-timer, she says, she’s quite pleased with the outcome. Isaacs created her own character for her piece: a robot created from a Ford Model T, representing the deepest origins of Camp North End. “I wanted to represent the general tone of Camp North End, and how people have taken a place old and forgotten and brought life back into it,” she says. “For me, the Model T robot is a display of life brought back into a relic. It’s like he’s waiting for the people to come back.” Issacs says that with most of her artwork, she tends to be particular and a harsh critic. "However, with this mural, I just let loose and had fun,” she recalls.