Ryan Cheuvront



Self-taught painter Ryan Cheuvront has a practice split between ethereal abstract art with a “psychedelic symmetry” and lighthearted, creature-driven scenes that recall the work of Keith Haring or Kenny Scharf. His mural on the site takes the latter approach, with a collection of monsters occupying a Boileryard entrance. It stands out as a piece devoid of color, but packed with character. With all of his work, the Harrisburg-based artist maintains a charge to brighten the onlooker’s day: “My art is designed to be comedic, fun, and lighthearted as a reminder of the better things in life,” he says. “This mural was done in black and white to emphasis all the color between, but with a character emerging all the happier. The idea was to encourage people that where or who you are now, is not the final destination of your life. Good vibes and hope for a brighter tomorrow.” Even with that seemingly simplistic style, his piece begs for inspection. Like all of the murals in the Boileryard, the creatures are both working together and are each their own, unique treat to view.