Arko83 visited Camp North End to watch his creative (and personal) partner, Owl, craft her Boileryard mural, and “a particularly dilapidated door” caught his eye. It had gone unused, too rotted to be considered for the site’s mural commissions. The pull of the languishing door became too strong for the Charlotte native, so he took it upon himself to use upcycled materials to treat the wood and create his own mural. Arko's knack for giving new life to the old and discarded is part of the street artist's ongoing mission. The mural has already changed since he first painted it, and it'll continue to evolve throughout the year. He takes this notion to small and large projects, placing tiny works of art in unexpected spots throughout the city, providing hints on where to find them on his Instagram account. “The mural fits well with my free art mantra,” he says. “I create art and leave it out for the public to find because it makes me happy. Being able to connect with someone or change the mood of their day with art is something that makes me feel good. This mural door is an extension of that idea on a larger scale.”